what is house cleaning

Do I Need a House Cleaning Service?

what is house cleaning

Hiring a maid or maid service should be a very easy and fun process! First and foremost, ask yourself these important questions:

What do you prefer, an independent maid or a maid service company?

There is a difference between the two. Some feel comfortable hiring an independent maid and prefer those types of maids. Others feel they are putting too much at risk if they were to hire an independent maid so instead they hire a maid service company. Take some time to consider both. This will be a very important decision.

What is your budget?

Probably one of the most important questions you will have to ask yourself. Lets not go overboard on this one, make sure you know what YOU are comfortable with paying. Do not let your maid or house cleaning service company dictate this, because if you go over your budget you will only end up feeling like no matter how good the job may be it is not good enough for the money you are paying. Basically, you will end up feeling cheated. If you do encounter a maid or maid service that is over your budget, then move on! Don’t dwell on it, like I said you will end up feeling cheated. On a side note, you will also have to consider the oh so famous saying, “You get what you paid for.” If you know you are picky or want higher quality cleanings and maids, expect to have a higher budget.

What areas are more important to you?

Personally speaking, I do not care if my closets are clean, nor my computer area, etc… However, I DO care that areas were guests and children are around be spick and span! Consider your personal areas of greatest concern and make sure your maid knows about these areas. Also a good way to stay within budget is only requesting those areas be cleaned. Your price may come down dramatically with only cleaning certain areas versus having the whole home cleaned.

Do you have a list of any particular questions you want to ask them?

Having a list is always a good idea. You are interviewing these people to see if they are the right fit, so don’t skip out on any questions, write them down and have them with you when interviewing time comes along, if not you may forget. Also know that they will ask questions in order to give you a price. Hopefully they will only stick to what they need to know and not try to get your phone number or address, because guess what?! They will probably add it to their marketing list.

Finding someone to perform your house cleaning that is trusting, responsible, detailed, “my money’s worth” kind of maid or maid service is everyone’s ultimate goal. I get sooo irritated hearing stories about disappointments or not what was expected with certain independent maids or cleaning services. My only hope is with the help of this website you will learn to eliminate those pesky weeds and find someone out there that is your maid mate!