healthy house cleaning techinques

Healthy Cleaning Techniques

Good home cleaning habits are not only beneficial to you and your family, they are also beneficial to the maid or house cleaning service personnel.

Clean habits are essential because it aids in keeping everyone healthy and illness free. It prevents the spread of germs, kills germs, therefore, it greatly reduces the risk of getting a cold or any other kind of illness.

If you think about it, using the toilet bowl scrubber to clean not only the toilet bowl, but also the tub, and shower area, how disgusting is that!

Yet time and time again maids do this. I have figured out, most times it is not because they intentionally do this, they simply do not know about germs, cross contamination of germs and such.

  • Home cleaning cross contamination.
  • Laundered cleaning cloths.
  • Disinfected mops, brooms, and scrubbers.
  • Overall clean cleaning habits.

These should ALL be what anyone that cleans other people’s homes should go by.

Cleaning homes the wrong way can do more damage than good.

In trying to find the best way to visually show you what I mean with Clean Cleaning Habits, I remembered this dental video I had seen before and has stuck with me ever since. Take a look at this dental visit video, I saw this video and was appalled at what can happen when bodily fluids spread. This can ALSO happen at home, when home cleaning is not done properly.

As you can see in the video, it emphasizes on saliva spreading and cross contamination, the same goes with germs inside your home, in the bathrooms, in your kitchen, and overall in any high traffic areas.

Of course DO NOT compare a dental office with the home, because a home does not have to be sterile by state law!

Instead use this as a guide to better yourself or your maid when cleaning your home, being conscious about this will help achieve a more effective home cleaning.


At the bases of toilets where accumulation of urine can build up when someone “misses” inside the toilet. In my house this happens in my son’s bathroom, he’s potty trained which is great! However, he is still getting the hang of “aiming”:)

Elderly people also have the same problem. It also becomes hard for them to bend all the way down to clean any messes.

If you have cleaned a toilet before you also know accumulation can build up under the toilet seat ring, at the bolts were the cover and toilet seat ring are connected, all those areas need to be properly cleaned as well.

From there whatever was used to clean the toilet seat with should be thrown away if it is disposable, or put away to be laundered if it can be reused. It should NOT be used again in any other areas, that is called cross contamination.

Bathtubs and showers:

They may not look as dirty as the toilet, but then can be just as bad. After every shower or bath the walls as well as the bases, receive germs and dirt.

The same goes with bathtubs and shower, all cleaning cloths or scrubbers used should be put away and disinfected or laundered before using them again in your home cleaning.

Bathroom sinks:

They are easier to clean, nevertheless, the same applies. Anything used to clean bathroom sinks should be disinfected or laundered prior to using again in your home cleaning.


No cloths or scrubbers that are used to clean the bathrooms should be used to clean the kitchen, this also applies vise versa. It will introduce bathroom germs into the kitchen which may cause colds, diarrhea, and other illnesses. Also it does not only increase the chances of any illness developing, more importantly it reduces overall quality of life for both the ones living there and the ones cleaning it.

All areas of the home:

The kitchen and bathrooms are the toughest to clean in home cleaning. The rest of the house is not as challenging. The rest of the home is mostly removal of cobwebs, removal of dust, some organizing and cleaning the floors.

Make sure to use fresh cleaning cloths, disinfected dusters and such. This will also aid in avoiding cross contamination.

Don’t take my word for it…..

If you do not already follow these simple steps to have a heathy home, start today. You are only cheating yourself if you don’t.

If you already have a maid, you really do not have to do much, simply sit her down, show her the above video, it says it all, and gets the point across.

Do not forget to mention that it is not only for your health well being, it is also for her own well being. Tell her that she will take less germs home and therefore, keep her family and her own home healthy as well.