cleaning service questions

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Cleaning Service

When you are ready to request prices for your home cleaning from a maid service or individual maid, it is a good idea to be prepared with the following questions in order to make sure your information is accurate and to avoid remembering something you forgot to mention after you hang up the phone. If you have a list of maid service companies or house cleaning companies to contact you will want to have these handy to go though the list at a smooth pace. Remember the longer your list the more time it will take to get your quotes. Of Couse, if you have all the time in the world to go though that list then don’t skip any, go one by one, you never know if one of those in that list is a really good one at a good price.

Any mix of these will be asked.

How many bedrooms?

How many baths?

What is the square footage of the home, remember DO NOT include your garage square footage if it won’t be cleaned?

Your location or closest intersection, hopefully they won’t ask you for your address since most time they keep those to send you junk mail?

How did you hear about them, be nice and specific with this one, they appreciate this answer since it tells them how well their marketing is working. For example if you found them on the net, don’t say “net”, say on google or yahoo, or a link from so and so website?

How many stories high is your home?

How many children live in the home?

How many adults live in the home.

How many pets live in the home.

How often will you want cleanings. If you want to try them out first don’t hesitate to say one time only, or one time only for now?

How would you classify yourself: messy (lots of clutter, if you have collections of all kinds of stuff, clothes, toys, and misc stuff everywhere) average (not too much clutter, not too many collections, for the most part most things put away) minimalist (no clutter, you like to keep everything put away)

Any Specifics: (these will most likely add on to the price)

Cleaning inside your oven (to make it easier on them, run the self cleaning oven night before)

Cleaning inside fridge (some only do the fridge and not the freezer so ask)

Laundry (if you want laundry done ask about it, I personally do not like adding laundry since it takes time away from cleaning my home, but to each its own, although I ok linens since there is no second set to put on)

Hand mop floors (this is not really important to me, mops pretty much do the same thing, maybe if you had lots of animals or a crawling baby you might want to consider this one)

There maybe other ones but those are the only ones I have had done on my home.

How will you go about reaching your prospective maid service or individual maid?

There are several different ways to request a quote for your home cleaning.

My favorite is online cleaning quotes. Just fill out their questionnaire about your home and you will get back quotes depending on what you asked for, also ask for them to email you your quotes that way you avoid them calling you all the time. However, the down side is some ask way too personal questions like your phone and address. As with everything, those two are the information I do not want to give out, because once you do, you have opened your phone and your mail box to cleaning services telemarketers, junk mail and whatnot. Of course, if you prefer for them to call you then you wont have a problem with giving them your phone number.

Over the phone quotes is another one. Call them and request a phone quote. Only downside, is some of them do not give over the phone quotes. Those tend to be the big time companies like Merry Maids. At that point the only option is in home quotes. In my opinion, the reason for this is having you in person will make you less likely to say no, whereas, over the phone you can easily hang up.

My least favorite is in home quotes. The reason for this being my least favorite is because it feels like there is a salesman in your home and in person any salesman can keep going on and on until they get you to say yes. In case you have not noticed, I DO NOT like salesman, having something forcefully placed in front of me to buy. I like to take my time, weigh my options, compare, find the best buy for the best service, so this kind of quote is not at all my taste. Of course, some wouldn’t mind an in home quote, if this is you, then go for it.

Last but definitely not least, is DO NOT LIE! I know you might be wanting the cheapest price possible, but keep in mind they will eventually clean your home and see it for themselves. If you do “stretch the truth” good luck with staying on their good side. Also they may refuse to service you all together.